Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Blogging is Just Not Happening for The MOB

My doctor always asks me every single time I see him "What do you think about the whole time you're running?" He thinks its so boring.  Well I usually have lots to think about and blog about but for the past 10 months all I have been thinking about is weddings, but of course,  I'm the mother of the bride, The MOB.

I've enjoyed every minute of being the MOB!  All my  MOB duties and long bubble baths looking at Brides magazine have gotten me through this long icy winter.  I've had so much fun planning with my daughters, Esther, the bride and Andrea, the maid of honour.  I'm very thankful for my daughters for being so patient with me.  I must admit I might have gotten a little obnoxious at times.  Everyday when I got home from work I'd ask Esther, did you pick anything new today, has anything come in the mail today?  Or if Esther and Andrea were looking at the computer together and said - "That's nice", I'd say "what what what let me see let me see".

The day I went with Esther and all her bridesmaids to look for her wedding dress was such a special day for me.  She looked sooo beautiful but the best part for me was seeing how Andrea and Esther were together.  The way Andrea helped Esther in the change room put on her dress and was so excited for her little sister.  It reminded me of when she was so excited to have a baby sister and took care of her.

Then there was the day I went shopping with them for my dress.  It was at the same bridal store and this time it was my turn to come out and stand on a stage,  except this was a smaller MOB stage.  I looked down at my girls looking at me and telling me it looked really nice and suddenly I just felt so blessed.  It hit me that those 2 beautiful creatures sitting there looking up at me were MY daughters. My beautiful grown up daughters.  It was a special moment I will never forget.

This week I went into Esther's room to put something away.  The floor was covered in her crap as usual but I stopped a minute to look at the crap.  There was the usual remnants of a McDonald's meal that her and Jesse, her fiance, had shared, games not put away that they had played and a lot of wedding stuff and decorations.  All of a sudden I broke down crying.  Along with all the fun wedding stuff comes the part where she is leaving.  I love that messy room!

Esther and Jesse, kindergarten sweethearts.  Jesse in the back, striped shirt, huge smile. Esther front middle, red skirt, fountain ponytail. 
Esther loved dress up clothes especially this Cinderella dress, she practically lived in it. Her wedding dress is "The Cinderella" dress from the Disney dress line.  She didn't do this on purpose we just realized it when we saw this picture.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Good Music, Great Run

I used to run without music but now I can't imagine going without it.  Listening to music just adds so much to my running experience.  When I'm running and listening to my music I'm in my own little world. The lyrics help me to forget the distance and pain and inspire me and give me peace.

I have an old MP3 player with not that many songs on it but the right song always seems to come on at just the right moment.  For example one time when I was struggling up a hill a U2 song came on "It's not a hill it's a mountain, when you start out the climb....".  Those lyrics got me up the hill.

One time I was feeling confused about what to do in a situation.  All of a sudden it got really windy and then the song "Consuming Fire" came on.  "Come like a rushing wind, clothe us with power from on high, Lord have your way."

Another time I was on a run when I was having one of those days when I felt down on myself and wasn't doing anything right.  Then this song came on "Even when I fail you, I know you love me.  In every season, I know you love me."  It was so comforting to hear those words just when I needed it.

Then there was my most memorable lyric moment.  It was at a time when I was having a particularly hard week stressing over my 20 year olds.  I belonged to a running group at the time but really didn't feel like being social but knew if I didn't go I would feel even crappier.

Our group ran on a path that went by the lake.  As we approached the lake I could hear the waves roaring.  It was a beautiful winter night and it was lightly snowing.   The lake looked really eerie but spectacular.  The moon shone on the dark wild waves and the snow sparkled in its light.  I suddenly imagined Peter walking on the water to Jesus and how scary it must have been to walk on those waves.

When Peter didn't keep his eyes on Jesus or started to doubt he would start sinking.  Those waves were like my life.  Wild and out of control.  I had to remember to keep my eyes on Jesus and not focus on the waves.  I suddenly felt such peace.

Then the song "Here In My Life" by Hillsongs came on.  It started " I have never walked on water, felt the waves beneath my feet".  Talk about a God moment!! 

I ran with such a feeling of peace and freedom!  I will never forget that night.

I was debating with a cyclist one time about cycling versus running.  He said runners always look so serious.  Well maybe its because they're  just really into their music.  My son put a song that he wrote for me on my MP3 player just before he moved out west.  It sure helps running to it when I am missing him and then there is at least one runner out there who is smiling her face off. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Little by Little in 2014

In January I like to set goals for myself.  I'm a person who needs a goal to work towards.  Last year I had my "Winter Blah Plan" where I committed to starting a diet to loose my 10 lb Christmas food baby,  signing up for a Half marathon in Feb/March to keep me running through the winter and doing my devotions and reading inspirational books over the winter.

This year I got the idea for my plan from our pastor who started a sermon series in January called "Money Matters".  At first I thought blah blah blah, I've heard it all before and I don't like hearing about money because I'm not very good with it especially saving.  I always beat myself up about it.  But our pastor pointed out 4 important points that caught my attention.

1. Pay down debt.
2. Save little by little.
3. Set financial goals.
4. Trust in God's providential care.

That statement "save little by little" really struck a cord with me.  I can do that?!  That sounds doable.  It doesn't have to be a big amount just a little by little adds up!

I thought I can apply that to the other issues in my life as well.  Relationships that Im having difficulty with I don't need to fix in a day. Just do something positive to make it better every once and awhile, as long as it's moving forward little by little.  Children I'm worried about, just love them and pray for them and do what I can, little by little and leave the rest up to God.  Health problems with friends or family, take it day by day etc.

In December I set a goal to run everyday till Christmas (my 140K "Journey to Bethlehem") and that really helped me discipline myself to go running everyday.  The idea was to exercise everyday, even if it was just a little.  By doing this I found that I had less aches and pains, less concern with calories and my mood was better and more consistent.

So my original January goal was going to be run everyday of 2014 and do by devotions and work on my budget everyday.  Well........I quickly realized that was not going to happen!
So I changed it to:
Do my devotions everyday, do my budget everyday and TRY and workout at least 5 times a week.  Doable???  We'll see.  I know I can achieve my goals with God's help little by little.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 25

5K,  Travelled so far 140K

I made it!  

It was fitting that for my last 5K I went for a hike with my family.  I can't remember such a beautiful Christmas day!  First everything was covered in sparkling ice shining in the sun,  then it snowed big flakes and it looked even more beautiful!  We went for a hike in the woods and it was like a winter wonderland.

I felt very thankful for this beautiful day and that I had made it to Bethlehem.  I had wanted to run every day from start to finish but at least I stuck with it and made it.  I learned that I am less sore when I run a shorter distance everyday than if I run longer distances a few days a week. But more importantly I learned to take the time to stop in the middle of my busy life and thank God, listen to Him and just spend time with Him.

I'll always remember the Christmas that I ran to Bethlehem.

Day 24

10K, Travelled so far 135K


For God so loved the world, that He gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.  John 3:16

"We were all, every one of us, even at our most difficult, worth the love of Jesus, who was born for us." Madeleine L'Enge

How will you thank Him?


This morning I headed to the gym for my run because I knew the sidewalks would still be covered in ice but when I got to the gym it was closed.  I needed to get to Bethlehem.  I was so close but yet so far.  As I drove back home I checked out the sides streets and they didn't look too bad.  If there was too much ice I would just have to walk it.  I was determined to continue this Journey.

It was freezing cold outside but it looked amazing!  Everything was covered in ice and looked like a crystal wonderland. I took pictures on my run and I hope I can post them.  As I ran down the streets of our neighbourhood I could see people looking at me like I was crazy.  Everyone had missed out on a couple crucial last days of Christmas shopping and I was out running on icy roads in the freezing cold.  The purpose of this journey was to stop during the business and ponder on Jesus' birth and I felt like I was really doing that today.

The day before I had gone wedding dress shopping with my daughter.  The crystal trees and branches reminded me of the beading on my daughter's gown.  I had felt so happy seeing my daughter dressed so beautifully in that jewelled gown.

It made me think of God's only son and how He was humbled when he came to earth as a baby.  He wasn't dressed beautifully in jewels, He was wrapped in clothes in a manger, in a barn.  So humble.  He was His only son.  How will I thank Him?  I will try and live my life in gratitude to Him because He gave me so much.

Day 22 & 23

Day 22 - 0k, Day 23 - 5K.  Travelled so far 125K

Booklet: A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning and great weeping, Rachel for her weeping children. Jeremiah 31:15

Christmas is not always merry.  Our journey will take us through the valley shadows and the season some how heightens this.  How can we be sensitive to those in pain?  How can we celebrate in the midst of sorrow?


Ontario's worst freezing rain storm in 40 years hit Dec 22. Many people were without power and trees were down all along our street.  Our power was down Sunday morning but then came back at around noon.  We were the only ones on my husband's side with power so their family Christmas get together was moved to our house.  The whole family and a very large raw turkey piled into our small house.  The power later went off again just before we were about to eat dinner.  The turkey was cooked but we had to eat by candlelight and my mother in law and sister in law cut the turkey with headlamps on.  We managed to have a good time despite the cramped quarters and lack of light.  We got our power back an hour after we ate and we all cheered.  Unfortunately my parents and some other family members didn't get their hydro back for 3 days!  Our internet was down so I got behind in my "Bethlehem Journey" blogging.

Day 21

5K, Travelled so far 120 K


The Spirit of the Lord is on me because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.  Isaiah 61:1.

What's the best news you've heard today?


The best news I heard today was that my son quit smoking!  I don't know if it was the beauty of the ice on the trees or the fact that he's been coughing so much or the neighbour with bad teeth who told him he quit 20 years ago but he announced that he was quitting for good and broke the remainder of his cigarettes.  That's good news!

We did hear some disappointing news though today.  My side of the family's Christmas get together was cancelled because of the impending ice storm.  I had gotten up early to fit in a 5K run at the gym, then church music practice and then we were going to go straight to my parents house for the get together.  But all the relatives that lived farther cancelled.  I guess the good news was that we still had a great get together with my parents and sister and my family.  We had lots of food, games and the rest of the family was home safe.  That was good news too.